Bolton EMS officers for the year 2014

At the annual elections the following people were elected as officers of the squad. Appointed positions will be made at the January meeting.

Elected officers for 2014 are: 

Captain / President: Harold Shippey - AEMT-CC, EMS 635

1st Lieutenant / Vice president: Steven DeLorenzo - AEMT-CC, EMS 636

2nd Lieutenant / Director: Bernie Marki - AEMT-P, EMS 637

Secretary / Director: Tammie DeLorenzo

Treasurer / Director: Doreen Brown

Director: Ed Sheridan

Director: Rick Schroeder

Director: Bruce Randall

Appointed officers for 2014 are:

Operations Manager: Earl Mikoloski

QA/QI Committee: Bernie Marki

Transport Officer: Harold Shippey

Training Officer: Steven DeLorenzo

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